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Who We Are

VFW Executive and Admin Virtual Services is staffed by professionals with extensive experience in the legal and customer service industry in the U.S. and U.K. Although we are based in the U.S. we are able to adapt to business needs in any country. We offer a full line of administrative support designed to make you more productive and save you time and money.

We provide virtual assistance to professionals in many different areas, such as legal, technology, real estate, consultancy, design, development, and advertisement.

Our services are ideal for busy professionals seeking to grow their business. All you have to do is provide us with your to-do list and we will focus on all the essentials, but less important tasks that you don’t have time for.


  • E-Binders - document collection and consolidation transactional work
  • Document Production – including:
    • document proofreading, blacklining, revisions
    • drafting and redlining contracts
    • preparing pleadings
    • preparing corporate governance documents
    • preparing correspondence
  • Transcription Services - providing well-formatted digital text copies of any record message or audio file
  • Notary Public Services
  • Email Management - monitoring and responding to emails, organizing email inboxes
  • Calendar Maintenance – including appointment setting and management
  • Customer Service – managing customers expectations via email, chat, or phone, and following up on leads and client queries
  • Manage Phone Calls – answering and re-directing calls to the correct person
  • Document Creation and Management – including:
    • Creating resumes
    • Form preparation
    • Letter writing
    • Taking meeting minutes
  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations – giving you the tools to sell your products and services in professional business pitches
  • Managing Travel Arrangements – making transportation and lodging bookings, managing other remote resources e.g. offsite conference facilities
  • Data Entry - including:
    • Checking all data for accuracy
    • Keeping records of all activities and tasks
    • Preparing your data for entry
    • Processing forms
    • Ensuring all your data is presented in the right forms
  • Hiring – writing job listings, arranging in-person and remote interviews
  • Ordering Supplies – maintaining vendor relationships, and ensuring supply chain integrity
  • Client and Corporate Gifts – including ordering, packaging, and sending products and gifts to clients
  • Logo and Branding Design – helping you to define your organization’s visual identity and customer experience
  • Website Design – providing affordable web solutions, and offering a “one stop shop” (including hosting, domain name registrations, ongoing maintenance), enabling you to grow your business and reach more customers
  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations – giving you the tools to sell your products and services in professional business pitches


General Admin Services

$400 / month

Includes 16 work hours

Legal Admin Services

$480 / month

Includes 16 work hours

E-binder Production

$200 flat fee

Document collection and consolidation transactional work



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No Geographical Boundaries!

No matter where you are in the world, VFW can assist you with expert, on-demand business support. There are no geographical boundaries. Whether you’re in your office, on the road, or at home – we’re right there with you helping you stay ahead.